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Siege of Orgrimmar - 8/14 Progression

SenseiLoki, Oct 16, 13 9:17 AM.
Soldiers is making great progress in Siege lately.  Killing an average of 2 new bosses each week.  We have been slacking on pictures lately but here is Galakras and Iron Jugg.  We did also down Dark Shaman and General Nazgrim.

Siege of Orgrimmar - 4/14

SenseiLoki, Oct 1, 13 11:22 AM.
4/14 now in the newest raid to hit the servers.  Boss 5 seems a little overtuned with the amount of dangerous adds, then a boss that is very unforgiving with the amount of damage.  Feels like Horridon with low gear all over again.  Progressed pretty well on him considering only 1 night on Galakras.  

Siege of Orgrimmar - 10 man normal Update

SenseiLoki, Sep 15, 13 9:27 AM.
Siege of Orgrimmar is finally out and we got only a total of about 4 hours in there this weekend.  With people being out and MIA, we managed to get 2 boss down. We did not get any pictures, as we were trying to make up for lost time.  Pics to follow on future kills!

Soldiers of Nightfall has Cleared Throne of Thunder 10N

SenseiLoki, Aug 27, 13 7:27 AM.
Well we did it.  We cleared Lei Shen in 10 man normal.  Grats to all that put in the effort and stayed for the long haul of learning the fight.  Great Job.  

Lei Shen

Please check our kill video

Soldiers of Nightfall is now 11/12 in TOT

SenseiLoki, Jul 13, 13 1:32 AM.
Grats to all in the raid!  Dark Animus, Iron Qon, and Twin Consorts all new bosses down in the same night!  Way to go!

Twin Consorts

Iron Qon

Dark Animus

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